Contest reveals worst roundabouts

A competition launched as part of a nation-wide hunt for the best roundabout has backfired.

Instead, the contest received hundreds of entries from motorists complaining about Britain's worst ones.

The competition, set up by a car leasing firm, was aimed at celebrating roundabouts with "road layouts that eased traffic congestion while being pleasant to look at."

But most of the entries were from motorists frustrated with poorly designed roundabouts that delayed their journey and did nothing to improve the beauty of the landscape.

Well-designed roundabouts can help drivers avoid accidents and save them from having to pay unnecessarycar insurance claims.

A spokesman said: "The competition was meant as a bit of fun. We're delighted that we've had such a positive response from the public, it's just a shame they've not been so complimentary about their nominations."

Roundabouts in Cardiff, Hemel Hempstead, Swindon and Stoke have now been short-listed for the category of worst roundabout in the UK.

The Queen's Garden's island in Newcastle-under-Lyme topped the list as the most despised in the UK, along with the Culverhouse roundabout on the A48 at Cardiff and Hemel Hempstead's Magic Roundabout, because of its confusing design.

The spokesman added: "Common complaints have been poor layouts, worn markings, traffic jams and general confusion, all of which I can understand will frustrate drivers on their regular commute."

"We're hoping to receive more nominations for the best roundabout category and are challenging the public to go out there and snap an island which has in some way improved their lives."

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