Consider condensation this winter

Consider condensation this winter

Keeping your windows clean is a key part of avoiding the condensation which can affect your windscreen while driving, industry experts are reminding.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, has issued the advice during the current spell of cold weather, which can increase mistiness on car windows.

Car windows steam up when the air inside the vehicle is warmer and carries more humidity. The air then cools near the window, which allows the humidity to condense and form mist.

Mr Rodger said that condensation forms quicker on dirty windows and that both the inside and outside should be kept clean on a regular basis.

The windows should be washed with washing-up liquid and water and dried with a cloth, making sure the windscreen wipers are lifted for an overall clean.

Other tips which can help avoid condensation include making sure no damp clothes are left in the car overnight and using the air conditioner to get rid of any window condensation.

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