Congestion 'increases in Oxford'

Oxford has witnessed the biggest increase in traffic congestions in the UK over the past six months, a study reveals.

According to the figures released by traffic expert TomTom, the number of traffic jams in the university city has increased by 2.2% since March.

With 31.2% of its main roads regularly blocked, the city has moved from sixth to third place in the list of top 50 most congested areas across Britain in the past six months.

The research found that London and Edinburgh top the traffic congestion list.

Behind Oxford, Belfast has seen the second biggest increase in congestion, followed by Bolton, Southampton and Sheffield.

A TomTom spokesman said: "Many people may be surprised to find that places like Oxford, Belfast and Bolton have suffered big increases in levels of traffic congestion."

He added: "If 10% of drivers use a live navigation system, there will be a 'collective effect' that will reduce journey times in congested areas for all drivers by up to 5%."

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