Congestion charge plan unveiled

The proposed referendum on the congestion charge for the UK's second largest city has been announced.

Under the proposal, peak-time drivers in Manchester will face a £5 charge to drive into the city and out again.

A £2 charge will be issued to cross the M60, a further £1 to enter the inner charging zone and a further two £1 charges will be levied to cross the boundaries heading out of the city. Delivery drivers will pay a capped daily fee of £10 if they make repeated visits through the congestion zones.

Ballot papers will be sent out in late November with a leaflet explaining the Transport Innovation Fund Proposals.

Sir Neil McIntosh, returning officer for the Greater Manchester Transport Referendum, said: "I believe this is a fair, clear and balanced question.

"I concluded that a straightforward 'yes' or 'no' question was the easiest to understand. However, I consider that it is also necessary for this to be accompanied by accurate neutral information."

If the charge comes into action up to £3 billion in Government funds will be invested in public transport links.

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