Congestion charge appeals 'travesty'

A former Tory minister has objected to the London congestion charge, which he says "does not allow a proper challenge".

Lord Trefgarne, who said he had been incorrectly accused of not paying the charge, made a formal complaint about the Transport for London's (TfL) appeals system to the Lords in a debate on traffic penalties.

He said he objected "very strongly" to the appeals system, which he said "is not a proper appeals procedure" and "a travesty of justice".

The comments came after Lord Trefgarne received a penalty notice for allegedly not paying the £8 charge. However, he said he had "clear evidence" from his bank statement that he had paid and so wrote to TfL.

He said: "After several weeks my complaint was dismissed."

He later appealed the decision but this was also dismissed.

He argued that the adjudicator, who provided the same wording as the TfL official, had not paid the slightest attention to his representations.

Lord Tunnicliffe, a Government transport spokesman, said: "I'm perfectly willing to believe that you are probably right. But this is a matter for the Mayor of London, who is responsible for setting and administrating the appeals process."

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