Concern over MOT test reform plans

Changes considered by the coalition Government to revise the MOT system have been opposed by some sections of the motor vehicle industry.

According to transport secretary Philip Hammond, the MOT system needs to be changed in view of advances in car technologies over the years.

Under the current system, a car has to undergo its first MOT test after three years of being produced by the manufacturer.

But the Government's proposal is to delay a car's first MOT test from three years to four, after which there would be a gap of two years. Once the car is over six years, it will have to undergo annual tests.

However, a recent survey has revealed that most drivers would oppose the plans over concerns about road safety due to the MOT tests being less frequent.

Martin Mosley, of spare parts group Car Parts Direct, said that more than one-third of the brakes they supply are to cars less than three years old, which aren't even due for the test.

He added: "Scrapping the annual MOT test is madness."

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