'Concern' over minimum driving age

'Concern' over minimum driving age

The minimum driving age is a cause for concern for many drivers, according to a new study.

A total of 35% of drivers think the minimum age should be increased, with 40% even saying the starting point should be at age 21.

British Car Auctions also found that 40% of people feel a reduction in the accident rate would be one outcome of bringing up the age. A similar percentage believe that training should not end after the driving test, with some saying that regular refresher sessions should be compulsory. More than half (52%) want retests every decade.

Another possibility is thatcar insurance premiums may drop, with 17-21-year-olds being stopped from taking control of cars.

Tim Naylor of the BCA said that while a third of drivers are concerned about young people on the roads - allied to a general feeling that road accidents would be reduced if the minimum age was raised - 58% of drivers feel that the current age limit is fine as it is.

"Overall, this underlines there is plenty of room for debate on this topic," he added.

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