Competition launched for car fans

A leading online car retailer has launched a campaign to find the biggest car obsessive in the UK.

Autosessive is offering a range of prizes to those voted the most car-crazed in the country.

Hopefuls have been urged to sum up their obsession in one photo (and a few words) to nominate themselves in the process.

A prize pool worth over £1,000 is on offer, including a unique MSV driving experience, an Autosessive hamper and a £200 Autosessive voucher for the UK's most 'autosessive' person.

Autosessive official Simon Moore said: "An autosessive is a car enthusiast with an unusual preoccupation with their car. They want to spend time with their car, want to drive it, want to tinker with it, want to bathe it, want to love it, want to make it look as good as possible, and run as well as it can go.

"And we want to hear from them. It's a fantastic opportunity for one auto enthusiast to grab some fantastic rewards for their passion."

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