Company car drivers 'more careless'

Company car drivers 'more careless'

Company vehicle drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in a minor accident than those who use their own cars, a new report concludes.

The study by IAM Drive & Survive on Springboard UK found that 63% of the bumps and scrapes it assessed happened in a work vehicle.

In the survey, 17% of those asked admitted they were more likely to speed while driving for work, compared with 11% more likely when driving for leisure. Just 31%, meanwhile, insist they never speed.

Fuel efficiency considerations were more prominent (73%) among private vehicle drivers, compared to those in work vehicles (60%).

When assessing vehicle maintenance, it emerged that 54-61% of driver-owned vehicles are regularly checked for tyre pressure, windscreen damage or fluid levels, while the equivalent figure for work vehicles was just 20 to 26%.

Reasons given in the survey for not, or hardly ever, making checks include reliance on in-car warning systems, leaving it until annual services, or simply not thinking about the matter.

Motorists driving for their companies were estimated to be involved in a third of fatal and serious accidents.

The study highlights a "serious discrepancy" between between drivers and responsibility levels for the vehicles, said Simon Best, chief executive for IAM Drive & Survive - adding that non-ownership lowers the urge to use it more safely and efficiently.

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