Commuters waste 58 weeks in jams

A new study into commuter habits has found that British motorists spend more than a year of their lives stuck in traffic.

Of the 18 million workers who use a car to get to work every day, the vast majority will on average spend 58 weeks of their lives stuck in a jam.

The study, commissioned by Continental Tyres, also calculated that the average commute for motorists covers 28 miles and takes 41 minutes to complete, 12 minutes of which is lost in delays.

Around 2,000 motorists were quizzed by Continental Tyres for the survey and 63% were found to use their car on at least four of five days in the working week.

Tim Bailey, head of safety at Continental Tyres said that while fuel costs and congestion worries register as key commuter concerns, the car looks set to remain the favoured option for journeys into work.

Traffic jams and costly delays are most often caused by breakdowns or accidents on the road, but motorists can protect themselves by taking out comprehensive car insurance or breakdown cover.

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