Commuters ditch the drive to work

Commuters ditch the drive to work

Commuters are turning to alternatives to driving a car to work, a study has shown.

While more than two thirds (67%) of commuters still drive to and from work, that figure is 2% less than in 2001.

More people in England and Wales are now choosing to take the train, bus or tube.

Cycling to work has also grown in popularity, especially in London.

The figures are based on data from the 2011 census, with a team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine examining the data.

Study leader Dr Anna Goodman said: "People in England and Wales remain highly car-dependent, but this research suggests we are starting to see a slight decline in car use and an increase in the alternatives.

"This gives some hope that people are travelling in the right direction towards creating a healthier and more environmentally sustainable transport system."

In England and Wales, car, van and motorcycle use by commuters has fallen by 1.8% since 2001.

Meanwhile the amount of people using public transport to get to and from work has risen by the same amount.

The South saw the greatest proportion of people deserting their car , while the amount of Londoners relying on private motor transport has dropped by 8.8%.

In all, 32.2% of commuters in London drove or rode motorcycles to work in 2011 while more than half used public transport - up by 7.3%.

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