Commuter tells of nightmare journey

The snow and ice turned one man's simple 12-mile rail commute into a nightmare journey lasting almost five hours, it has been revealed.

The man, who does not want to be named, finally arrived at his London office just in time for lunch - four and a half hours after leaving his home in Sutton at 8am.

Before trudging out into the snow the commuter checked with national rail information that First Capital Connect trains would be running - only to find on arrival at West Sutton station that all London-bound trains were cancelled.

The man then managed to catch a bus to another railway station in the area where he caught a Southern service to London Victoria. Unfortunately, the train was stalled for more than 30 minutes just a mile outside its destination - adding to the time lost while the man travelled from station to station.

He said: "The journey has been over four times longer than usual - it's been a complete nightmare. The lack of information provided by First Capital Connect and Southern to commuters is an absolute scandal. We seem to have been given deliberate misinformation about which services are running."

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