Cold snap 'still causing accidents'

Emergency services have continued to issue warnings over icy conditions despite the recent cold snap drawing to a close.

Despite temperatures being well above freezing, with highs of around 8C (46.4F) forecast for the South West, police in East Anglia had to tell motorists to take extra care after a combination of rain and snow led to dozens of crashes.

Essex Police warned motorists of the dangers after there were 50 minor accidents between midnight and 9am.

A force spokesman said: "Police are warning motorists that the weather conditions are making driving hazardous this morning and we are experiencing a high number of road crashes across the county."

Brendan Jones, forecaster for MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, explained that although the bitter cold spell is coming to an end there can still be problems.

"It's coldest in the east and south-east of the UK, especially in England but temperatures are a good deal higher than they were on Saturday or the last few days. Most places in the UK are at least 3C (37.4F)," he said.

"Right in the south-east corner of England is coldest because it's closest to the continent where the cold air is sitting. In some places in Kent it's not getting above 1C."

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