Cold snap continues across country

The cold start to the year is set to continue with patches of freezing fog expected to descend upon parts of England and Wales.

Forecasters warned of dangerous driving conditions in the South and Wales as the sub-zero temperatures create hard-to-shift fog and ice.

Julian Mayes, a forecaster for MeteoGroup UK, the weather division of the Press Association, said temperatures during the day are expected to rise above freezing on Thursday before falling to -5C across southern England and Wales.

He said: "England and Wales will still be fairly cold, and for the coming night some rural places are going to see another sharp frost. Fog patches will be freezing and there will still be a lot of ice."

Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected be the warmest places in the UK, with average temperatures climbing above freezing. The rest of the UK will have to wait until the weekend before conditions similarly improve.

Wednesday saw the sea freeze on the south coast of England after temperatures plunged lower than -10C.

In the famously affluent Sandbanks area of Dorset, a half-mile stretch could be seen frozen along the shoreline.

Locals said it was the first time in decades the sea had partially frozen. Sea off the south coast was known to have frozen in 1991.

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