Code aims to make school run safer

A major new code aimed at making the school run safer has been created after a survey revealed more than half of parents regularly break driving rules en route to class.

National road safety charity Brake and fuel company Jet have joined forces to develop the "School Run Code" in a bid to save lives.

The code was created after research by Jet revealed more than half (51%) of parents admitted breaking basic driving rules, such as speeding and dangerous parking, when taking their children to school.

The study, which questioned 2,046 adults across the country, found stopping somewhere unsuitable and dangerous, such as a bus stop, a junction or even the middle of the road, to drop off or pick up children was the main cause of dangerous driving.

More than a fifth (22%) admitted to stopping on a junction, while 11% of respondents said they had stopped in the middle of a road to let passengers out.

More than one in 10 (13%) admitted to stopping on the yellow zig zag markings outside a school, markings designed to allow children to cross the road safely, and one in 20 even admitted to speeding in a school zone.

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