Clover leaf found on crash survivor

A 20-year-old driver - who survived a crash in Northumberland despite being speared through the chest with a fence post - had a lucky clover stuck to his back, it has been revealed.

The crash took place on June 13, when Raymond Curry's Vauxhall Corsa overturned and rolled through a fence into a field near his home in Cramlington.

The young driver was still impaled by the piece of wood when he was taken to hospital, where medics found the four-leaf clover on his back.

He had a surgery to remove the stake, and part of his bowel. An air freshener which ended up inside his wounds was also removed.

Describing the horror crash, Mr Curry said that he felt incredible pain and thought he was going to die.

He earlier told the Evening Chronicle: "I know how lucky I am to be alive. I'd never even seen a four-leaf clover until this happened, so it was good timing, I suppose."

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