Clegg flips the switch on EV drive

Clegg flips the switch on EV drive

A year-long campaign to help drivers grasp the benefits, savings and capabilities involved in new low-emissions vehicles has been launched.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has joined forces with the automotive industry to cut the ribbon on "Go Ultra Low". With the backing of BMW, Nissan, Toyota and other major manufacturers, the initiative will seek to hail the benefits of electric, hybrid and other more eco-friendly vehicles, from low purchase price to ease of care.

The campaignwebsite aims to provide information about owning and running such vehicles, including the makes and models available and the locations of chargepoints. The market is widening for electric cars, with 20 electric and plug-in capable vehicles launched in the past three years alone.

The focus is on reducing costs for drivers and showing them that they are better off going with low-emissions cars, as statistics show that the average journey is less than 50 miles.

The Government is investing a further £9.3 million in infrastructure, including £5.8 million towards 140 rapid charge points in towns and on major roads where there has been a historic lack of charge points. This means that, across the UK, there are 500 such points in use now.

Meanwhile, £600,000 has been put aside for points in train station car parks, making park and ride more accessible and better for the environment.

Grants totalling £2.9 million have gone to public sector bodies to put in more than 450 charge points, while £5 million worth of electric vehicles will be brought in across Government and the wider public sector fleet.

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