Classic car owners miss reliability

Classic car owners are more concerned about their vehicle's reliability than about modern comforts such as sat nav, heating and air conditioning, a survey has found.

According to a survey by Footman James, one in five classic vehicle owners said they are missing the reliability of a modern car when driving their classic, while 17% are craving power steering.

Taking out adequatecar insurance cover is also essential for classic vehicle owners to help them stay at ease in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The survey of more than 4,000 classic car owners found that comforts such as air conditioning and sat nav, associated with driving a modern car, are not considered important, with less than 10% making any reference to these features.

Paul Matthews, Footman James' managing director, said: "Classic vehicle owners are happy to sacrifice their modern comforts to drive their classic but are clearly still concerned about the reliability of their pride and joy."

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