Clarkson forced to leave car behind

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson had to abandon his car following heavy snow in Oxfordshire.

Worsening conditions meant that Clarkson, who was travelling from Oxford to his own home, was forced to leave his car along with hundreds of other motorists.

He said: "It was very bad out there.

"I wasn't stuck but everyone around me was. I thought, 'I'm not going to get home tonight and it's going to get dark'."

However, the TV presenter said he accepted a ride from two "very kind" men with a 4x4, and added that he does not expect to pick up his car before the new year.

But Clarkson is not the only Top Gear presenter who has had to abandon a car in impossible driving conditions.

Three years ago, fellow presenter Richard Hammond reportedly ran 16 miles to his daughter's fourth birthday after leaving his car in a gridlock caused by the summer's torrential rain and flooding.

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