Clarks 'no supermen at the wheel'

An accidents survey names Clarks as the drivers most likely to crash.

Drivers surnamed Clark make the most claims, followed by Allen and Lewis, according to a poll by

The top ten also included Green, Watson, Stewart and Jackson.

Least likely to have an accident were people with the names Roberts, Hall or Davies.

Clarks are seen to be 10% more likely than the average driver to have claimed for an accident while those called Roberts are 15% less likely. spokesman Brian Martin said: "Although the survey is a bit of fun, there are obvious differences in the accident rates of some surnames compared with others.

"However, we all know not every Clark is going to be a risky driver, and not every Roberts is going to be a particularly safe driver and it's definitely not something we rate our policies on."

The 10 most accident-prone surnames were:

1. Clark

2. Allen

3. Lewis

4. Green

5. Watson

6. Stewart

7. Jackson

8. Baker

9. Cooper


The 10 least accident-prone surnames were:

1. Roberts

2. Hall

3. Davies

4. Hill

5. Wood

6. Hughes

7. Bell

8. Jones

9. Young


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