Clampdown on illegal car-clamping

A car-clamping company which was caught on camera hiding behind a wall before pouncing on unsuspecting drivers has been told its clamping was illegal.

A clamper working for Ultimate and SIG Parking Services was filmed watching a woman leave her car in Winton, Dorset. Instead of warning her that she was illegally parked he returned to her vehicle after she had left to clamp it.

Pensioner Diane Horsfall, 65, took the company to court where the £150 fine was overturned by the judge who ruled that the no-parking signs were too small and not prominent enough for drivers to see, and that the clamping was illegal.

Since the verdict a lawyer has been approached by 15 angry motorists wanting their money back after being caught in the same car park, which was free until last August.

Lawyer Jon Payne at Horsey Lightly Fynn said: "The first thing they should do is to try and write to the clamping company to see if they will voluntarily refund the money.

"If not, most of them will be looking to take legal action against the company to recover their £100 to £150 fines."

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