Clamp firm slammed over swear fee

A clamping firm that charges £100 everytime a frustrated motorist swears at their attendants has been accused of "fleecing the public".

Bulldog Services, which patrols the car park of retailer Comet in Bath, Somerset, is levying the "abusive behaviour" fee on top of its £125 release cost.

The RAC Foundation said the firm was taking advantage of the "difficult and tense" situation to make a profit - but added there was nothing in law to stop the practice.

The RAC Foundation said private companies were able to get away with spurious charges, because the industry was not strictly regulated.

Deputy director Sheila Rainger said: "These guys are looking for any excuse at all to add hundreds of pounds to the bill. There's nothing in the law that says they can't, and so they do. It is just another example of how clampers are fleecing the public.

"It is a difficult and tense situation when you get back to your car to find you have been clamped - swearing is a natural reaction - and they are charging extra for hurt feelings.

"Clampers must have an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence but there's no regulation of fees or their size. Sometimes Trading Standards do get involved, but there's a huge black hole in the legislation and there needs to be an enforceable code of practice."

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