City puts e-NV200 van to the test

City puts e-NV200 van to the test

The local authority serving the City of London has followed up a successful trial of the Nissan LEAF with a fresh trial of the e-NV200 van as it looks to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of vehicles with a switch to electrically-powered alternatives.

The City of London Corporation is responsible for providing a range of services to London's financial district, such as housing, collecting rubbish and looking after its 350,000 daily commuters, 9,000 residents and nine million visitors.

Its drivers tested the 100% electric Nissan e-NV200 around the 'Square Mile' and they all gave positive feedback. The model is expected to have a big impact on the corporation's costs and emissions. With plenty of charging points in the capital and more being added all the time, electric vehicles are unlikely to run out of power and need to use breakdown cover .

The chairman of the City of London Corporation's Port Health & Environmental Services Committee, John Tomlinson, said the authority was pleased with the e-NV200's comfort and responsiveness.

Nissan's LEAF was a big hit with staff and the authority didn't think twice about the company's invitation to give the van a try, Mr Tomlinson said.

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