City drivers escape traffic chaos

Drivers in Dublin have avoided an outbreak of traffic chaos expected after a bus corridor opened in the city.

Road chiefs reported little disruption in the area, as motorists planned routes around the busy street thanks to advance warnings of the closure.

Dublin City Council's Transport 21 office said that the success of the scheme - designed to loosen up a notorious bottleneck in the city - was down to its advertising campaigns and co-operation with bus companies, gardai, and the public.

A spokesman said the agency was planning to work hard in the scheme`s early days to help motorists adjust to the new conditions.

He added: "We know the new corridor - like all new traffic management schemes - will take some getting used to."

Dublin Bus reported that services ran on time, and monitors only spotted a few tailbacks on Dublin roads around the closure time.

The ban on private and commercial vehicles applies from College street to Dame Street or Nassau Street and Dame Street to Westmoreland, from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm.

Transport chiefs started the scheme during summer as schoolchildren were not on the roads, and some city centre workers would be on holiday.

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