City cars 'top for retaining value'

For the first time small city cars are depreciating at a slower rate than larger luxury vehicles, new figures have shown.

The small cars, which include the Ford Ka and Peugeot 107 models, are retaining a higher percentage of their value than any other type of vehicle in the UK. On average they are still worth an average of 49.5% of their original price after three years and 36,000 miles.

In the wake of the recession, city cars have jumped from ninth place three years ago into first in Glass's new table of retained value. The biggest surprise of the chart was that large SUVs only fell one place to second.

Adrian Rushmore, managing editor of Glass's, said the fact that the supply of three-year-old city cars has seen a steep rise, with annual sales in 2003 of 95,000, compared with 162,000 by 2006, made their improvement in value "all the more remarkable".

Luxury vehicles saw the negative impact of the difficult economic climate, with luxury saloons taking the biggest tumble down the table and now only retaining 35% of their purchase price.

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