Citroen reveals perfect car wash

Citroen reveals perfect car wash

Boffins at Citroen have come up with the perfect formula for cleaning your motor this summer, with a little help from Arsenal FC.

The French automaker, which is the official car supplier of the premier league club, devised that E = 1/t + 1W, is the formula for a perfect car wash - where E is efficiency, t is the time taken for the car wash and W is the amount of water used.

In order to come up with the formula, Citroen's various vehicles were washed by people of differing heights in a selection of weather conditions, ranging from 4 to 20¡C.

The average amount of water used and the time taken was then calculated to suit the outside temperature.

Arsenal first team players Per Mertesacker, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud were then set the challenge of creating the 'premier' car wash for Club captain Thomas Vermaelen.

The formula suggests that a 6ft 4in car washer, such as Mertesacker, should take 31-minutes to clean a supermini-sized car in a low, ambient temperature of four degrees centigrade with 24-litres of water.

If the vehicle hasn't been cleaned for up to three months, or has visible road grime on more than 40% of its surface, the research advises that an extra 2.5 litres of water and an additional five minutes of elbow grease is needed to complete the job.

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