Citroen offers new tax exempt car

The Citroen C1 is the newest addition to the firm's portfolio of low-emissions, high fuel efficiency vehicles.

Following on from the launch of sister car the Peugeot 107, the new model is equally exempt from road tax and its CO2 output of 99g/km means it is free from paying the congestion charge.

The C1 will be premiered soon at the Brussels motor show.

Features of the car include daytime running lights, the option of an automated manual gearbox and ISOFIX child seat mounting points.

Further to this, the power steering settings and shock absorbers have been changed for improved comfort and usability at lower speeds.

The overall design of the car has had some modifications also, with a shorter bonnet and a smoother front bumper.

The C1 will be available in three-door and five-door models, and while trim levels are yet to be announced, it is expected there will be a basic, middle and high-end option.

Drivers looking into purchasing one of these high-end, low efficiency models should look for comprehensive car insurance.

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