Citroen extends green car line-up

Citroen's sub-100g/km CO2 car line-up has now hit 10.

The French carmaker has added three new congestion charge and VED-free C3 models to the existing fleet, with a e-HDi 90 micro-hybrid powertrain standing out in the line-up with a second-generation Stop & Start system.

The emission levels too are the lowest possible, with one as low as 93g/km, and two others at 98g/km.

Fuel utility stands at a remarkable 78.5mpg and 76.3mpg respectively.

The C3 HDi 70 manual VT has also been rehomologated and is now more fuel-efficient with lower levels of emission.

CO2 emission will come down from 112g/km to 99g/km with improved fuel efficiency of 74.3mpg over a combined cycle, up from 65.7mpg.

A C4 e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6 VTR+ has also been retested, with sub-100g/km emissions that result from a new Aerodynamic Pack and Michelin Energy Saver tyres with ultra-low rolling resistance.

These efficiency boosting measures cut CO2 output from 109g/km to just 98g/km - one of the lowest levels for a vehicle in this class.

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