Citroen car advertisement banned

An advert for Citroen cars has been banned after a number of viewer complaints stated that it triggered epileptic symptoms, with one person saying it caused a seizure.

The advertisement showed flashes of scenes interspersed by the word 'Yes', which was repeated 304 times in alternate black and white.

After being broadcast on channels including Sky and ITV, 10 people complained that the advert caused symptoms associated with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Broadcasters claimed that the commercial had been vetted by Clearcast, which ensures adverts reach the required standard, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said.

However, communications watchdog Ofcom said that the advertisement had breached current guidelines and the ASA ruled the advert would need to be changed before being shown again.

The ASA said that the advert had met all three conditions necessary to be ruled as a breach of its guidance.

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