Chocs away for loony law survey

Chocs away for loony law survey

The roads of Europe are governed by some mind bending regulations - from distant Belarus to good old Blighty - but many British motorists are having trouble sorting fact from fiction.

In Luxembourg for example, you might expect to get your face wiped while driving - as cars are required to have windscreen wipers but can technically go without windscreens.

Of those surveyed 80 per cent thought this loony legislation was made up.

The survey was carried out by Cadburys to launch its Win a Banger European tour competition.

The chocolate creators have moved away from their usual area of expertise to mix up some of the more unbelievable rules governing the European drivers, with a few invented laws thrown in to see if people could sort the laws from the lies.

They revealed that three quarters of British motorists don't believe that driving a dirty car is illegal in Belarus.

It's not just distant countries whose laws brought about disbelief; 62 per cent of those surveyed wouldn't believe that British law technically still requires all London Hackney Carriages carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats.

On the other side of the coin, 30 per cent of people believed that Estonians must take a pair of wheel chocks everywhere they go to stop their car rolling away.

This last one was a cheeky Cadburys lie.

The Win a Banger competition is open for entries now, giving the winner a chance to drive a clapped-out car across part of Europe.

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