Chipped windscreen excuses revealed

An irate mother-in-law, a falling squirrel and an angry farmer are some of the bizarre excuses given by motorists for their chipped windscreens, according to a new survey by Autoglass.

The firm has released a list of the most unusual explanations given to its technicians for damaged glass last year.

One of the callers said a squirrel had fallen from a tree on to the windscreen while in another case, an angry mother-in-law hit the windscreen with a baseball bat after an argument.

Other strange excuses include a startled deer leaving cracks on a windscreen as it was jumping out of the way of a car, an angry farmer smashing the glass with an axe following an argument over parking, and an unidentified item falling from a plane onto a car.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass, said the technicians "never cease to be amazed" by some of the explanations given.

He added: "While the most common cause for damaged glass comes from other cars throwing up loose chippings from the road, our customers have offered a whole host of weird and wonderful explanations."

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