China opens Shanghai Motor Show

Electric city vehicles and luxury saloons were on show as part of China`s emerging car industry on display at the Shanghai's Motor Show.

The show opened with models wearing the latest designs, rock bands and celebrities dispelling the credit crunch gloom prevailing elsewhere.

China`s car makers had reason to celebrate after March`s sales hit a monthly high of 1.1 million, despite double-digit declines in most other markets.

Zhang Xiaoyu, chairman of the Association of China Auto Engineering, said: "I have only three words: excited, excited, excited! After only 18 years of development, we may become the world's leading car market."

Car makers everywhere are attracted by China, the world's second largest market, as they struggle through hard times elsewhere with battery-making BYD Auto to Porsche honing in on the country.

While the homegrown manufacturers in China are behind US, European and Japanese standards in most respects, they are working hard enough and expanding fast enough to make industry leaders on guard.

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