Chilly weather continues across UK

Britain suffered a continued cold snap on Monday night as sub-zero temperatures left a layer of frost for many Britons.

The Scottish town of Aboyne saw the temperature drop to -10.5C, while Chesham in Buckinghamshire hit lows of -9C and the village of South Newington in Oxfordshire recorded -8C.

After a somewhat mild start to winter, a period of high pressure has now caused the mercury to drop. This has left drivers more keen than ever not to be left out in the cold should their vehiclebreakdown during this cold snap.

Weather forecaster Brendan Jones said: "High pressure tends to bring settled, sunny weather but during winter it brings clear skies at night and that allows any heat that was absorbed by the ground, the trees and the buildings during the day time to escape out into space.

"Everything cools down - the ground cools down and the air cools down."

And with the frosty weather comes dangerous road conditions. It is more important than ever to get the right insurance when taking to the roads.

Tuesday night is set to be the last of the current run of very cold nights, he said, with Wednesday expected to be somewhat milder.

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