Children driven 500 yards to school

Children driven 500 yards to school

One in 10 parents who live within 500 yards of their child's school admit driving them to the school gates, according to research.

Data also suggests that more than half of British school children will not be walking to school when term starts next week.

A third of children who get a lift to school live less than a mile away, according to the survey by parenting website

Around two-thirds (68%) of parents would rather their children walk to school but give them a lift because of time pressures, according to the research conducted among 2,000 adults with school-age children.

Tamsin Kelly, editor of, said: "Jumping in the car for the school run may be the easy option, especially when we're all so time pressed, but leaving a little more time to walk to school really does reap rewards for everyone.

"It's a time to give your children some undivided attention without the demands of home and work, and a brisk walk really does set them up for the start of the day."

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