'Child bollards' to halt speeders

Leicester City Council has installed "child bollards" near a school in an attempt to slow down speeding cars.

The metal figures shaped and painted to resemble schoolchildren have been put outside Avenue Primary School in Leicester as part of a traffic-calming scheme.

According to councillors, the £230,000 plan will include the installation of the bollards, speed bumps, 20mph zones, speed tables as well as road signs. Each bollard would cost around £350.

If the scheme works, "it could be rolled out across schools throughout the city," they added.

Patrick Kitterick, Leicester City Council's cabinet member for regeneration and transport, said: "Recently in the last couple of months we have come to the conclusion of a traffic-calming scheme outside a primary school in Leicester.

"We have installed speed bumps to slow the traffic down. But in one of the areas we had representations of small children in the form of small bollards.

"It's an experiment, it's the first time we've done it in the city and we will see if these bollards have a bigger effect. The whole point is whether it is successful and if people actually find they slow down because of them."

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