Cheaper petrol 'missed the most'

Motorists remember cheaper petrol as the most attractive aspect from the last 20 years of driving when compared with the conditions today, a survey has found.

According to Kwik Fit, which questioned 2,000 people, many drivers also miss the less congested roads and fewer speed bumps from two decades ago.

Cheaper and easier parking, the absence of speed cameras, freedom from congestion charges and toll roads, as well as fewer road narrowing chicanes back then also made drivers nostalgic.

Of those polled, around 5% longed for the days when they did not have to wear seatbelts, 3% missed having a manual choke in their cars, while 4% said there was nothing at all they liked about today's motoring world

Greater comfort and more reliable cars are perceived as the biggest advantages of modern-day driving, the study said.

Also high on the list of the benefits of driving today is improved safety, bringing with itcar insurance benefits, greater fuel efficiency and conveniences such as electric windows.

Kwik Fit chief executive Ian Fraser said: "Motorists clearly have mixed feelings about conditions now compared with 20 years ago. On the one hand cars have pretty much improved in every department with even basic models offering air conditioning, electric windows and even SatNav.

"But with rising fuel prices and congestion it's understandable that motorists are particularly sentimental about a time when petrol was much cheaper and the roads weren't as crowded as they are now."

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