Charity’s road safety week pledge hopes to tackle dangerous driving

Charity’s road safety week pledge hopes to tackle dangerous driving
A road safety charity is asking motorists to pledge to follow the rules of the road during Road Safety Week, as part of a campaign to tackle dangerous driver behaviour. 

Charity Brake will launch the campaign on Monday 21 November and is urging all road users to make the Brake Pledge to help stop the five deaths and 62 serious injuries that happen every day on UK roads

The campaign will focus on the six elements of the Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week 2016: Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable.

This includes promising to keep to the speed limits, not drinking alcohol before driving, and to always wear a seat belt.  

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The pledge also encourages motorists to swap their car for walking or to cut down on air pollution.

In built-up cities, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says air pollution can be as carcinogenic to humans as smoking.

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Brake reports that there are an estimated 29,000 deaths each year from particulate matter pollution in the UK, 5,000 of which are attributable to road transport.

The charity is also stressing the importance of drivers booking regular eye tests.

Road crashes caused by poor driver vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties and cost £33 million in the UK per year.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Five people are killed every single day by something we already know how to cure. Our roads are dangerous places, where hundreds of deaths and serious injuries take place every week.

“But by changing our driving behaviour, we can help to make our villages, towns and cities safer places to be. Every action that we take, as a driver or as a passenger, can change the outcome of a journey and the future of a family.”

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The charity is asking motorists to make and share the pledge online to show their “commitment to saving lives and keeping our roads safe”.

Brake is encouraging individuals, businesses and community organisations to take part.

Non-drivers can take the Pledge too, promising to help drivers stick to the six Pledge points.

Road Safety Week is a seven-day series of events to promote safer road use, coordinated annually by Brake and involving thousands of schools, communities and organisations across the country.

Road Safety Week 2016 takes place 21 to 27 November.

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