Charity wants electric vehicle push

A report by an environmental charity has warned that at least 10% of vehicles in Scotland must be electric within a decade if the country's climate change targets are to be met.

The Scottish Government has set a target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by at least 42% by 2020. The WWF Scotland report said about 290,000 petrol-driven cars will need to be replaced by electric vehicles (EV) for the improvement to be achieved.

Another important step, according to the "Watt Car?: the role of electric vehicles in Scotland's low carbon future" document, is to reverse the projected rise in car use - the charity warned up to 1.5 million EVs would need to be utilised by 2020 if this measure is not tackled.

WWF Scotland climate change policy officer Dr Sam Gardner said the introduction of EVs must be in conjunction with a push to reduce the current reliance on petrol-powered vehicles if climate change policy is to be realised.

He also urged the Scottish Government to formulate, in its forthcoming Low Carbon Vehicle Action Plan, a scheme to see EVs rolled out across the country.

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