Charity offers weather-safe advice

Charity offers weather-safe advice

A road safety charity is offering advice to motorists to help them prepare for the approaching colder weather.

Peter Rodger, from the Institute of Advanced Motorists , says winter in Britain is characterised by more wind and rain so windscreen wipers should be kept in good working condition, screen wash levels should be maintained and the inside of windscreens should be kept as clean as possible to minimise misting.

If weather is really bad, it's also probably worth checking the status of your breakdown cover just in case.

Car batteries are crucial so these should be scrutinised once in a while, as should engine coolant. Also, ensure your de-icer and scraper are working properly.

Tire-tread depth should also be checked regularly as anything below 3mm is worth replacing. The UK legal minimum depth is 1.6mm.

Headlights should always be pointing at the correct angle so ensure they are not aimed too low or too high.

In case of icy or snowy weather, an emergency pack should be kept in the vehicle, which should include a warm coat and high-visibility jacket, food and water, decent winter boots, a torch, a spade, a fully charged mobile phone and an ice scraper with de-icer.

Mr Rodger said: "Now is the time to give your car a once-over before winter conditions take hold. Bad weather can strike suddenly and more severely than you expect, so it's really important to be ready, rather than wait for the cold to arrive."

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