Charging posts 'key to EV purchase'

The non-availability of an effective recharging infrastructure is holding back the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK, a survey has revealed.

Two-thirds of motorists (65.7%) would be more likely to purchase an EV if charging posts were readily available at roadsides and in car parks, said the study carried out on behalf of EV infrastructure provider Elektromotive.

Only 7.8% of drivers said their decision to buy an EV wouldn't be influenced by the availability of charging posts.

The Government, with the aim of tackling carbon emissions, launched a scheme that offers a £5,000 incentive on the purchase of a new EV.

But the plan, which could have helped motorists save some money in order to meet theircar insurance premium costs and other related expenses, failed to evoke the desired levels of response, with only 534 grant applications being submitted in the whole of the UK in the first quarter of the current year.

"Many consumers are understandably concerned that if they buy a new EV they might not be able to easily charge it when away from home or the workplace," said Calvey Taylor-Haw, managing director of Elektromotive.

Elektromotive is currently operating over 600 charging stations across the country.

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