Changing lanes the sensible way

Changing lanes the sensible way

Tips on lane discipline when driving on the motorway have been offered by road safety charity IAM and Britain's leading advanced driver, Peter Rodger.

Abreakdown of Mr Rodger's advice follows:

- Before making a lane change or any manoeuvre on the motorway, it is crucial to check your mirrors. While on the motorway, drivers should check their mirrors regularly.

- Before you make a move on the motorway, signal well in advance, giving other motorists time to react. A lot of drivers are pleased to let you manoeuvre if you give them plenty of advance warning.

- When changing lanes, do it gradually. You can't force or expect other motorists to slip out of your way.

- Maintain the safe following distance even when changing lanes. And remember to check to make sure other cars aren't trying to move into the same space that you are.

- Stay out of the way of other vehicles unless it's absolutely necessary. Keep left of traffic moving faster than you are.

- Read the motorway gantry signs which inform you about where lanes are going.

- If you are driving in lane two, be mindful of the gaps between vehicles in lane one. This way you can foresee if a vehicle will be moving into your lane. This also helps you plan ahead when you need to make a lane change safely.

Mr Rodger, IAM's chief examiner, said: "By using your mirrors, keep a 360 degree awareness of the traffic around you when on the motorway to make changing lanes easier and safer. Always check, and then check again before making your manoeuvre."

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