Centre tests electric vehicles

The inauguration of its electric test centre has highlighted Renault's commitment to the development of electric vehicles.

The centre, in Lardy, France, has been operational since 2009 and has grown to include 100 test benches due to the group's £22 million investment.

Since it opened, the centre has been used to put new electric models through their paces, as the firm aims to develop its range of all-electric vehicles.

As well as housing the test facilities, the centre is also where new electric technologies are developed.

Staff at the plant have worked on Renault's Z E range, which has called for tests on all electrical aspects of the vehicles, including the durability, performance and safety of the new components such as the battery and motor. This is to ensure that anyone who buys one of Renault's all-electric vehicles does not need to rely too much on theirbreakdown cover.

The Kangoo Van Z E and Fluence Z E have recently been launched and are due to be joined by two more new generation vehicles during the following 12 months

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