Celebrations for iconic Citroen model

Celebrations for iconic Citroen model

Citroen's iconic Traction Avant is celebrating its 80th birthday, and the French car maker is marking 2014 with a series of events to honour the famous model.

Originally called the 7A when it made its debut in April 1934, it historically had a lower centre of gravity, a monocoque body made of steel and was lightweight with previously unseen levels of aerodynamics.

The Traction Avant set new standards for road-holding and handling - revolutionising the automotive world.

In February, Citroen launched the celebrations at the Retromobile show in Paris - and a unique Traction Avant is on show at the My Citroen Adventure exhibition on the Champs Elysees in the French capital.

The model in question is a 1955 Traction Avant Sans Frontieres 11BL- which is owned by the Traction Sans Froontieres association.

The same car will be on show at other locations in France throughout the rest of the year, including Ferte Vidame on September 13-14 - which could see almost 800 Traction Avants in attendance.

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