Caught-short duo give baby car name

A couple found inspiration to name their baby girl Kia after the car she was born in.

Samantha Smyth, 23, from Poole in Dorset, gave birth to the baby in a seven-seat Kia Carens people carrier. Fortunately for the little girl it was not a Volkswagen or a Honda, or she might have faced difficulties in the playground.

Miss Smyth, a mother-of-three, called her own mother for a lift to hospital.

Tony Richardson, 24, and Miss Smyth were heading to the Poole Hospital, when their little Kia arrived two weeks early and weighed about 6lbs 7ozs.

The couple decided to drop the plans of naming the baby Tilley to commemorate her unusual birth.

Miss Smyth told the Daily Echo newspaper in Bournemouth: "She literally came flying out. It was the best birth I've had.

"It was horrible to see the umbilical cord but the nurses were so quick it was unbelievable."

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