Cash-strapped workers opt to cycle

Workers are switching to pedal power in a bid to save cash amid the current financial crisis, a survey has revealed.

A survey by Sainsbury's found that as many as 12% of commuters have recently opted to leave the car at home and travel to work by bicycle.

Results showed that men are much keener cyclists, with 15% of the male workforce choosing bicycles compared with just 8% of women.

Sainsbury's said the switch of transport mode was saving a total of £11.2 million each week, or an average of £33.70 per person.

However, the company issued a warning to cyclists to note that more than 1,200 bikes are stolen in Britain each day.

Spokesman Neil Laird said: "Using a bicycle to travel around can be a very effective way of saving money.

"However, with thousands of bicycles being stolen in the UK each week, it could soon turn out to be a white elephant, costing you far more than you expect if you haven't secured and insured it properly.

He added: It's important to make sure that your home insurance policy covers your bicycle."

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