'Cash for crash' scammers targeted

Police and fraud investigators are clamping down on those taking part in 0 insurance claims, it has been announced.

Traffic officers from the Metropolitan Police and investigators from the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) announced the move after 18 people believed to be involved in so-called "cash for crash" scams were arrested across London.

Officers in the capital believe people are being tempted to participate in insurance fraud by a wider criminal network who promise them there is little or no risk of police action. The scams involve motorists staging road accidents and then making 0 claims on their insurance policies.

Figures from the IFB estimate that insurance fraud costs the public more than £1.6 billion a year, adding increasing premiums by an average of 5%.

"Some people may see this as a victimless crime but it certainly isn't," Metropolitan Police Superintendent Glyn Jones said. "Most law-abiding citizens pay some form of insurance and criminal activity such as this pushes up everyone's premiums. People who get involved in scams like this will be prosecuted."

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