Cash fears force Suzuki from WRC

The global economic crisis has forced Suzuki to pull out of the World Rally Championship (WRC) just days after Honda quit Formula One for much the same reason.

Suzuki said: "In responding to the contraction of the automotive sales caused by recent global economic turmoil, Suzuki has been promptly taking possible countermeasures including the reassessment of its global production output.

"The company, however, foresees the shrinking trend in longer periods of time rather than a short-term phenomenon.

"To secure its own business environment for tomorrow, the organisation reviews every aspect of the operation and decided to focus on the core business functions such as the manufacturing system, environment technologies and development of new-generation powertrains.

"As a result, Suzuki concluded to suspend WRC activities from 2009." The company only joined the championship in 2008 after several successful junior seasons.

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