"Cars increase attractiveness"

Research has found a third of Britons are attracted to someone just because of the car they drive.

A survey of 3,000 people found wit, charm and looks go out the window when attracting a partner, with 36% of people questioned saying they are more attracted to someone by the type of car they drive.

More than one in ten said that even if someone was ugly they would still date them if they drove a good car, while one in five said the more expensive the car, the more attractive it made the driver.

The research by car insurer Diamond shows men are more superficial than women and would be twice as likely to date someone ugly because of their car, and 50% more likely to be attracted to the person because of the expense of their car.

Spokeswoman Sian Lewis said: "If you're a man driving an Aston Martin or a woman driving a Ferrari, apart from being very lucky to own one in the first place, it looks like it'll majorly aid your chances of looking more attractive."

Aston Martins, Ferraris and Lamborghinis were voted as the cars most likely to make someone look more attractive, and the least attractive drivers would drive a Seat followed by a Chevrolet and Skoda.

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