Cars cause thousands of complaints

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has revealed that problem motor vehicles are the reason behind the majority of complaints received this year.

From January to September, the OFT said 70% of the 56,000 complaints received through one of their branches, Consumer Direct, were about inadequate cars.

Around 13% of grievances were about misleading claims or omissions by the sellers and 7% were over substandard motor services.

The statistics were released by the OFT as it launched the Know Your Consumer Rights campaign to help people understand the problems they could have when buying a used car. Breakdown and car insurance are also a must to ensure further protection.

Michele Shambrook, from Consumer Direct, said: "We want to help people understand their rights when buying a used car from a dealer and we are working with the industry and local authority trading standards to get this message across.

"Dealers who fail to treat customers fairly or sell cars that are defective could face enforcement action."

A 2010 OFT study also revealed customers were left out of pocket by an average of £425 each, or £85 million per year in total, because they had to pay out for faults that should have been repaired by the dealer.

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