Carr's speeding case dropped

A paperwork mix up has resulted in the dropping of comedian Jimmy Carr's speeding case.

The presenter was charged with travelling 43mph in a 30mph speed limit on the A40 in West London in June last year.

However, when the 36-year-old appeared at Feltham Magistrates' Court he discovered without his knowledge that his case had been switched to a different date so a specialist speeding prosecutor could be brought in.

Nick Freeman, Mr Carr's solicitor, claimed the move was not lawful and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) withdrew the charge.

Mr Freeman has been nick named Mr Loophole, after his success in getting numerous celebrities off the hook through legal technicalities.

The CPS accepted that the letter informing Mr Carr of the date change could not possibly have arrived in time due to the operation of its internal postal system.

Mr Freeman said: "The local CPS lawyers send all speeding cases to a specialist team in Marlowe House, their headquarters in Sidcup.

"The court unlawfully changed the date without notifying either my client or me. I challenged the basis of this decision."

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